2017 Legislative Agenda

Top Priorities

AB 225 (Caballero) Expands CalEITCto increase the number of Californians earning a minimum wage that will qualify for CalEITC and adjusts the CalEITC credit based on minimum wage adjustments. STATUS: Passed through Budget 

AB 75 (Steinorth) CalEITC for Self-Employed & Making the Credit Permanent: allows certain self-employed workers to qualify for the CalEITC and would make the credit permanent. STATUS: Passed through Budget 

AB 1010 (Ting) Expanding the California Earned Income Tax Credit: CalEITC would be expanded to include all households currently eligible for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit by increasing the income eligibility threshold and including earnings from self-employment. STATUS: Passed through budget 

AB 34 (Nazarian) Children’s Savings Accounts: establishes a universal, at-birth opt-out, statewide 529 children’s savings account program. This will support California’s children and families in fostering a college-bound identity and practicing education-related financial planning. STATUS:Died 

SB 2 (Atkins) Home and Jobs Act:  creates an ongoing funding source to support affordable homeownership, local government needs and affordable housing needs of farmworkers by instating a $75 document recording fee on real estate transactions, excluding property sales and capped at $225. STATUS: Signed by Gov on 9/29/17

SB 190 (Mitchell) Ending Juvenile and Administrative Fees: ends the harmful, unlawful, and costly assessment and collection of administrative fees against families with youth in the juvenile justice system. If enacted, youth will still be accountable to victims through the payment of restitution and to society by court-ordered sanctions. STATUS: Signed by Gov on 10/11/2017

SB 298 (Wieckowski) Enforcement of Money Judgements: would exempt from a levy money in a judgment debtor’s deposit account in an amount equal to or less than $2,250, unless the levy would satisfy a judgment for wages owed, child support, or spousal support. The bill would require a levy against a judgment debtor’s deposit account to include a description of these requirements. STATUS: Pending 

SB 10 (Hertzberg) Bail Pretrial Releaseensures that people accused of misdemeanor offenses are not held in pretrial detention simply because of their inability to afford money bail unless the court makes an additional finding on the record that there is no condition or combination of conditions that would reasonably ensure public safety. STATUS: Pending 

AB 1109 (Kalra) Safe Consumer Lending: caps APRs at 24% for all consumer loans of $2,500 to $10,000 and covers both unsecured and secured consumer loans. Putting a limit on APRs would level the playing field for lenders that are providing access to safe and affordable loans. STATUS: Pending 

AB 227 (Mayes) CalWORKs education grant: provides a supplemental education incentive grant when a CalWORKs recipient reaches an educational milestone. STATUS: Pending 

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