2018 Legislative Agenda

Top Priorities *

AB 1785 (Nazarian) Medi-Cal Asset Limits: would exclude the principal and interest of a 529 college savings plan from any asset or resources test to determine Medi-Cal eligibility for beneficiaries not determined using Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)-based financial methods.

AB 1895 (Calderon) Income-Based Repayment for Dream Loans: would require that participating UC and CSU campuses create procedures for income-based repayment plans for DREAM Loans. Under an income-based repayment (IBR) plan, students make payments based on their ability to pay.

AB 2023 (Caballero) Child and Dependent Care Expenses Credit: would make the state Child and Dependent Care Expenses Credit refundable, so that low- and moderate-income working families can benefit from the credit and receive a tax refund for their child care expenses. 

AB 2066 (Stone) CalEITC Expansion: would extend eligibility for existing California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) to Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) filers, workers who are at least 18 years old and those over 65 years old. Status: Held in Appropriations Suspense, CalEITC expansion for workers at least 18 years of age and those over 65 included in Gov. proposed budget.

AB 2500 (Kalra) Safe Consumer Lending: would cap interest rates for loans up to $5,000 at 36% APR. This bill would cover both unsecured and secured consumer loans. Status: Failed in Assembly Floor

AB 2965 (Arambula) Health4All Young Adults: ensures that all Californians younger than 26 years of age who qualify for publicly funded Medi-Cal have access to quality care regardless of immigration status.

AB 3200 (Kalra, Reyes, and Thurmond) SSI/SSP: would reinstate the cost of living adjustment beginning January 1, 2019. Aid payments will be increased to 100% of the federal poverty line. No payment reduction shall be made to those who receive aid above the 100% federal poverty line.

SB 10 (Hertzberg) Bail Pretrial Release: ensures that people accused of misdemeanor offenses are not held in pretrial detention simply because of their inability to afford money bail unless the court makes an additional finding on the record that there is no condition or combination of conditions that would reasonably ensure public safety.

SB 818 (Beall) Homeowner’s Bill of Rights: provides protections that have been proven to give California’s economically vulnerable families a fair chance to hold on to their homes.

SB 974 (Lara) Health4All Elder Adults:  ensures that all Californians older the age of 65 who qualify for publicly funded Medi-Cal have access to quality care regardless of immigration status.

SB 982 (Mitchell) CalWORKs Grant Amount: would increase the CalWORKs grant amount to 50% of the federal poverty line that would prevent childhood deep poverty.

SB 1201 (Jackson) Consumer Protection -Residential Lending: would require a supervised financial organization that negotiates a modification of any of the terms of a loan secured by residential real property primarily in one of specified languages to deliver to the borrower a written disclosure of the modified loan terms in the same language as the negotiation.

Bill Positions*

Position Bill NumberAuthorTitle
SupportSB 940BeallStudent financial aid: Cal Grant Program: foster youth
Support AB 2724Eggman and GipsonInmates: Driver's license
Support AB 1974Gonzalez-FletcherPupils: collection of debt
Support SB 1471HernandezCal Grant Program
Support SB 1379HernandezStudy of unbanked and underbanked populations
Support AB 2177Jones-SawyerPenalty Assessments: Fees
SupportAB 2269Lackey CalWorks: eligibility
Watch AB 2953LimonConsumer loans: title loans
Watch AB 3134Low Tax Preparers
Support AB 2637O'DonnellCalWORKs: Aid amounts, education support payments
SupportAB 2111QuirkCalWorks: Sponsored non citizen: indigent exception
Support AB 2613ReyesFailure to pay wages
Support AB 2392SantiagoVehicles: towing and storage
Support AB 2306SantiagoStudent Financial Aid: Cal Grant program
SupportAB 1767CervantesCalifornia Kickstart My Future Loan Forgiveness Program
SupportAB 2477Rubio and LowStudent Support Services: Dream Resource Liaisons
*As the bill language was introduced or amended on 3/29/18