2019 Legislative Agenda

AB 15 (Nazarian): Children’s Savings Accounts: This bill would establish the Children’s Savings Account Program, under the administration of the board, for the purposes of expanding access to higher education through savings for every child at birth. Factsheet | Higher Education Analysis | Status: Partial Passed through 2019-2020 Enacted State Budget

AB 24 (Burke): Targeted Child Tax Credit: This bill would establish a targeted child tax credit for families with children with incomes below half of the supplemental poverty level. Factsheet | Status: 2- Year Bill

AB 196 (Gonzalez): Paid Family Leave: This bill would state the Legislature’s intent to enact legislation that would expand the paid family leave program in order to provide a 100% wage replacement benefit for workers earning $100,000 or less annually. Factsheet | Status: 2- year bill

AB 376 (Stone): Student Loan Borrower’s Bill of Rights: This bill would establish the Student Borrower Bill of Rights which will ensure that student borrowers are given reliable information, quality customer service, and meaningful access to repayment and forgiveness programs. Factsheet | Status: 2-year bill

AB 539 (Limon): Fair Access to Credit: This bill would cap interest rates of loans of $2,500 or more but less than $10,000 at 36% plus the Federal Funds Rate. Factsheet | Status: Signed by Governor

AB 683 (Carrillo) Medi-Cal Asset Limits: This bill would require the department to disregard specified assets and resources, such as motor vehicles and life insurance policies, in determining the Medi-Cal eligibility for an applicant and would prohibit the department from using an asset and resource test to make a Medi-Cal eligibility determination for an applicant enrolled in the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Factsheet | 2-year bill

AB 1593 (Gomez-Reyes) CalEITC Expansion: This will would expand CalEITC to Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) filers. Factsheet | Status: 2-year bill

SB 144 (Mitchell): Criminal Justice Fines and Fees: This bill would end the assessment and collection of administrative fees imposed against people in the criminal justice system. Factsheet | Status: 2-year bill

SB 268 (Wiener) CalWorks Asset Limits: This bill would repeal those limitations on assets with regard to eligibility for CalWORKs, thereby eliminating the consideration of an individual’s or family’s assets as a condition of eligibility for CalWORKs. Factsheet | Status: Partially passed through the 2019-2020 Enacted State Budget

SB 337 (Skinner) Child Support Debt: This bill would require all the child support collected in a month to be paid to the recipient and would prohibit $200 of that amount from being considered income or resources of the recipient family or being deducted from the amount of aid to which the family would otherwise be eligible. Factsheet | Status: Vetoed by Governor

SB 616 (Wiekowski): Prohibits debt collectors from levying a person’s bank account down to $0 and would protect bank accounts up to $1,724. Status: Signed by Governor