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The California Asset Building Coalition (CABC) is a statewide network of diverse organizations united in our commitment to provide a voice for financial empowerment in California. Our coalition is a unique partnership of nonprofits, public agencies, and for-profit organizations joined together to advance policies and programs that help Californians to save, build assets, and achieve upward economic mobility.

Join as a General Member and enjoy a range of benefits, including:

Coalition Updates: Receive e-newsletters that provide research, legislative, agency and industry news, as well as information on upcoming conferences, trainings, and funding opportunities.

Policy Updates: Stay connected with the latest Action Alerts, policy information and legislative strategies that are impacting asset-building initiatives in your community. These updates include ways to get involved in advocating for these important issues such as the ability to inform the CABC policy platform that drives our legislative priorities and the opportunity to formally contribute your organization name in support of the CABC’s advocacy positions.

Statewide Conference and Regional Convenings: Take advantage of discounted rates and early notification of our statewide conferences to learn about new asset-building products, program and policies, and find out ways to take part in the statewide asset-building work in California. This is also an opportunity to network with asset-building peers, partners and donors.

Training and Technical Assistance: Access resources and technical assistance, including trainings, workshops and webinars, offered to member organizations and institutions interested in starting or expanding asset-building activities in their communities.

Networking: CABC is a State Lead Organization as part of the Assets & Opportunity Network through Corporation of Enterprise Development (CFED). These partnerships and associations enable members to share vital advocacy information with leading organizations in the field. You will also receive notice of national conferences and events.


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