Call for Presentations for CABC and AFN 6th Annual Assets Symposium


The California Asset Building Coalition (CABC) is a statewide network of diverse organizations joined together to advance policies and programs that help Californians to save, invest, build, and protect their assets. We achieve our mission through advocacy, education, and collaboration. 

Asset Funders Network (AFN) advances economic opportunity and prosperity for low and moderate income people through philanthropy.


The purpose of the 2017 CABC/AFN Symposium is to generate new and ideas and highlight innovative strategies across a range of topics (products, services, issue areas, policies, populations served) in the asset building and financial empowerment fields in California. CABC and AFN will feature the innovative work of nonprofits, government agencies, private sector organizations at the Symposium on Thursday, November 2, in Oakland, California.

Our objective is to create opportunities for presenters and participants to share ideas, learn, and explore methods. We strongly encourage proposals that foster lively group discussion. Promising innovations with the potential to scale at the city and state level will be highlighted in the symposium during panel presentations.

The Symposium will bring together asset building practitioners, advocates, funders, and enthusiasts for a day of ideas, information-sharing and connecting with other innovators. CABC members and conference participants represent a diverse group of leaders from nonprofit and government agencies, funders and financial institutions, policy experts and researchers, and elected officials who want to build relationships with the asset building community in California and are committed to the financial success of all Californians.


CABC and AFN are inviting proposals to present at our annual conference. Submissions should be brief, maximum 500 words in length, include a summary of the idea, description of the impact, the California population it targets, outcome goals, and the product and intervention. Selected participants will be asked to develop their submissions further for a panel session at the conference. We intend to highlight work that reflects innovation, measurable impacts, and strong promise for success and replication.


Proposal submissions may be for existing California programs or for new ideas that have not yet been implemented that serve low-and middle-income Californians. To assist prospective presenters in developing proposals, some potential topics might include:

  • Successfully serving Californians living below the poverty line by customizing services for groups such as youth, veterans, immigrants, LGBTQ, people with disabilities or people who are elderly; or by addressing complex inequalities such as single female heads-of-household, and underserved young men of color.
  • Reforms in the criminal justice system to remove costs to people, families, and communities resulting from arrests and detention, especially for communities with disproportionate representation in the criminal justice system.
  • Success tackling specific content issues such as student loans, payday lending, bank levies, wage garnishment, tax preparation, or ChexSystems and credit reports.
  • Innovative collaborations between asset building and other organizations, e.g., agencies, employers, private companies, etc.
  • Behavioral economic techniques, nudges or other non-financial incentives to affect financial behavior and decision-making.
  • Integration of asset building strategies in existing social service models.
  • Policies that promote wealth development and wealth preservation.
  • Funding strategies to support or enhance asset building programming.
  • Impact of political, economic, societal, or technological trends on economic mobility.
  • Other innovative programs throughout California– or concepts in development.

Important Dates & Contact Information

Submission Deadline: Monday, September 18, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. PST. 

All applicants must submit their proposals online using this form. Submitted proposals will be selected and announced on October 9, 2017.  

Contact with questions or for additional details.  Please forward this message to any colleagues who may be interested in presenting

Criteria for Evaluation and Selection

Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of relevance, impact or potential impact in the asset building field for low-and middle-income Californians. Selection consideration will aim to create a broad and balanced range of topics, perspectives, and innovations to expand the dialogue and highlight information in California.

Proposals are due September 18, 2017 by 5:00 PM PST.

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