Here to Stay Campaign


Immigrant communities have long battled complex rules and patterns of unsupportive private sector practices that restrict their ability to earn income, build family wealth and respond to financial emergencies. Now, extreme anti-immigrant federal actions and hateful rhetoric coming from both private and public sector leaders have made many families even more worried about their safety, cut off from work opportunities, and scared to access legal, safety net and other public resources they deserve, need, and qualify for.

The California Reinvestment Coalition’s Here to Stay campaign is a comprehensive, multi-year strategy to fight for policies that will support immigrant low to moderate income families’ ability to thrive financially in both times of crisis and in the long-term. Working alongside advocates pushing for needed immigration reform, CRC’s campaign focuses on the state, local, and corporate reforms needed to address the economic impact of anti-immigrant policies. Our goal is to work directly with low-income immigrants as leaders in their own communities and in coalition with asset development experts and advocates to identify and correct the most pressing systemic causes of immigrant financial instability. The panel will focus on strategies and approaches to engaging immigrants in advocacy around asset building and economic security.


Sarah Souza, Community Organizer, Here to Stay Campaign, California Reinvestment Coalition

Sarah is CRC’s Community Organizer and is responsible for the Here to Stay campaign, which works to protect immigrant financial assets and strengthen economic security policies at government and corporate levels. She is passionate about affordable housing, immigration justice, and equitable education, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of La Raza Community Resource Center and is involved with the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club. Sarah holds a Master’s in Public Affairs from the University of San Francisco, and a B.A. in Political Science and Certificate in Nonprofit Management from San Francisco State University.