Join the Steering Committee

CABC is seeking nominations and applications for joining the Steering Committee.  Below is a list of current steering committee members, an overview of the organization and a description of steering committee responsibilities.

We are currently prioritizing representation of Indigenous and Asian communities, direct service providers, communities in southern california, rural northern california (north of Sacramento), central coast and the California desert, as well as individuals with academic or research expertise and fundraising.

To nominate someone or apply to be considered to join the steering committee, please email responses to the following questions below and attach a copy of your current CV or resume.

1.       What interests you most about participating as a steering committee member?

2.       CABC is building our coalition, raising funds to hire staff, carrying a comprehensive legislative agenda, and hosting membership training and other events.  In which of these activities do you see yourself most likely to participate in and what special contribution to these efforts would you make?  Feel free to be creative!

Our Mission

The California Asset Building Coalition (CABC) is a statewide network of diverse organizations working together to advance policies and programs that help Californians save, build assets, and achieve economic security, equity, and justice.

Our History

Since 2012, CABC has convened hundreds of asset building practitioners across the state including: stewards of family savings programs for children, higher education, and retirement; counselors that provide  one-on-one and small group financial coaching; small business technical assistance providers, affordable housing and community development experts; local, state, and national policy advocates; abolitionists and other advocates fighting over policing, over incarceration, and unaffordable punitive and administrative fines and fees; immigrant rights advocates; economic scholars; youth leaders; racial justice leaders; child support reformers; service and support providers for people exiting incarceration, and many more.

CABC provides state policy analysis and advocacy coordination, so that members in every corner of the state know how to work with state officials to effect the changes their communities need.  We are respected in Sacramento, with a strong record of effective work across political branches.  We provide our members with timely invitations to weigh in on policy proposals, training to build relationships with legislative and agency staff, and support for working with allies in different sectors for the same impact.

We are also a trusted resource for philanthropic leaders, providing research and education to community and statewide foundations and funder networks, frequently collaborating on statewide events and programmatic priorities.

Our Work

We advocate for economic security, equity, and justice for Californians who have been systematically pushed out of income and asset building opportunities as well as basic health and wellbeing services for generations through racism, anti-immigrant discrimination, misogyny, ableism, ageism, and other forms of systemic oppression.  Specifically, we advance state policies to restore, repair, and build up previously extracted wealth and other resources that determine economic security, such as medical care, education, nutrition, employment and labor protections, housing, and beyond.

We convene and educate CABC members and allies about strategies that help Californians become financially secure.  We are known for our events and discussions, including:

Our annual CABC Symposium, a one-of-a-kind statewide conference for policymakers, advocates, and practitioners to explore policy solutions, new research, and innovative programs, and,

CABC Webinars and Digital Forums.  These trainings and discussions explore the most pressing economic issues facing residents and provide technical support and guidance to local coalitions.

We collaborate with government, corporate, and philanthropic leaders to make economic security, justice, and equity values that all Californians share and support.

Our Governance

CABC is governed by a fifteen-member Steering Committee and serves over 200 organizations.  Our coalition is a unique partnership of nonprofits, public agencies, and for-profit organizations united in our commitment to advance economic justice and equity in California.

The Steering Committee duties include:

  • Establishing the strategic direction, approving the policy and program agenda of, and overseeing the coordination and progress of the Coalition
  • Ensuring the financial viability of the Coalition by actively supporting fundraising and other activities.
  • “Giving or Getting” annual funding or in-kind donations to support the work of CABC.  For the 2020-2021 fiscal year, that amount is $200 per member. 
  • Identifying opportunities to advance policy reforms consistent with the objectives of the Coalition.
  • Approving new and existing Steering Committee members.
  • Sitting on at least one sub-committee, attending committee meetings, and contributing to the work of the committee.
  • Maintain good attendance at steering committee meetings missing no more than three monthly Steering Committee meetings within a year.

The Steering Committee meets once a month online typically for an hour to 90 minutes as needed.  (The 2021 meeting schedule will be determined when we have more Steering Committee members.)

CABC subcommittees and their duties include:

Policy.  Recommends policy advocacy positions to the Steering Committee.  Acts as a liaison to groups seeking CABC sponsorship of bills.  Coordinates and organizes activities and means to advance positions as voted upon by the full Steering Committee.

Development.  Identifies potential sources of resources and funding.  Lead fundraising drives.  Works with staff to complete grant application processes, represents CABC at donor meetings, assists Chair and Vice-Chair in developing budgets.

Membership and Event Planning.  Responsible for setting membership responsibilities and benefits, including any member dues.  Engage coalition members through outreach materials and work with staff to plan and execute the annual symposium and other events.

Each sub-committee meets as needed, typically once a month for about an hour, and receives support from CABC for scheduling and administrative functions.  The chairs of each subcommittee report update during the monthly Steering Committee meeting.

Current Steering Committee members:

  • Jessica Bartholow, Chief of Staff for California State Senator Nancy Skinner (D-District 9), Majority Whip, Chair of the Senate Budget, and Fiscal Review Committee & Vice-Chair of the Women’s Caucus
  • Rosalyn Epstein, As Director of Economic Empowerment, Rosalyn oversees financial capability and housing work at National CAPACD, the only AAPI Focused HUD-Certified Intermediary Organization.
  • Kristin McGuire, Director of Partnerships and Organizing at Young Invincibles- California.  Kristin works to amplify the young adult voice on matters that impact them the most.
  • Perfecto Muñoz, Executive Director West Modesto Community Collaborative and Senior Policy Advisor, California Program on Access to Care (CPAC) and UC Berkeley School of Public Health.
  • Keisha Nzewi, Director of Public Policy for the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network. Keisha is a leading voice for racial equity and justice in the child care system in California and nationally.
  • Noe Paramo, Sustainable Rural Communities Project Co-Director and Legislative Advocate at California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation
  • Julia Root, Senior Workforce Policy Associate for the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), a national nonprofit social enterprise that provides transitional job and employment services to returning citizens.
  • Marisabel Torres, Director of California policy at Center for Responsible Lending.  She works to advance strong consumer protections and promote responsible lending policies in the state.