About Us

Art by Melanie Cervantes, Dignidad Rebelde

Who We Are

The California Asset Building Coalition (CABC) consists of hundreds of diverse leaders across the state joined together to make California’s economy work for communities targeted by oppressive and extractive systems like poverty and racism. We identify and employ multiple and intersecting strategies to build economic security and power where they are most needed.

Our History

Since 2011, CABC has convened hundreds of asset building practitioners across the state to build relationships, learn from, and collaborate with each other to build economic security and power with people that our economy has allowed to be excluded, marginalized, and preyed upon. Our annual statewide events, online training, and regional meetings attract leaders from all sectors of the asset building movement. They include stewards of family savings programs for children, higher education, and retirement; counselors that lead one-on-one and small group financial coaching sessions; small business technical assistance providers, affordable housing and community development experts; policy advocates that work for local, state, and national economic reform; criminal justice advocates working to end burdensome and unnecessary fines and fees like money bail; immigrant rights advocates; economic scholars; youth and racial justice leaders; child support reformers; employment providers for people exiting incarceration, and many more.

CABC provides state policy analysis and advocacy coordination, so that members in every corner of the state know how to work with state officials to effect the changes their communities need. We are respected in Sacramento, with a strong record of effective work across political branches. We provide our members with timely invitations to weigh in on policy proposals, training to build relationships with legislative and agency staff, and support for working with allies in different sectors to achieve shared impact goals.

Finally, we are a trusted resource for our members, allies, and philanthropic leaders, providing research and education to community and statewide foundations and funder networks, frequently collaborating on statewide events and programmatic priorities.

Our Bylaws