Mission:  The California Asset Building Coalition (CABC) is a statewide network of diverse organizations joined together to advance statewide policies and programs that help Californians to save, build assets, and achieve economic mobility.

Vision:  We envision a California with a strong middle-class where hardworking Californians have access to the financial tools and incentives they need to achieve their dreams.

To achieve our mission we focus on three key objectives:


We educate policymakers, community leaders and stakeholders on strategies that help low- and middle-income Californians climb the economic ladder, and break the cycle of poverty that plagues over 9 million residents (24%) across the state. We advance state and federal legislation, based on our 5 policy principles:

  • Increase access to safe and affordable financial services, education, and products that help families build assets over a lifetime.
  • Expand economic tools and opportunities that help low- and middle-income communities pursue higher education, a secure retirement, healthcare coverage, stable housing, and viable homeownership options.
  • Eliminate public and private wealth-stripping practices that exacerbate poverty.
  • Strengthen social safety net programs that can help people climb the economic ladder.
  • Connect low and middle income communities to sustainable employment and career opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency.


We elevate understanding of strategies to help Californians become financially secure.

  • Assets Building Symposium. This first-of-its-kind state level symposium for policymakers and practitioners is held annually in California.  Community leaders join with local, state and national experts to explore policy solutions, new research, and innovations on tackling financial challenges facing Californians.
  • Digital Forums. These webinar discussions explore the most pressing financial issues facing residents and provide technical support and guidance to local coalitions.


We build a statewide constituency in support of asset building.

CABC provides state policy analysis and advocacy coordination, so that members in every corner of the state know how to work with state officials to effect the changes their communities need. We are respected in Sacramento, with a strong record of effective work across political branches. We provide our members with timely invitations to weigh in on policy proposals, training to build relationships with legislative and agency staff, and support for working with allies in different sectors for the same impact.