Advocacy Platform

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CABC Member Defined Policy Goals

By direction of the membership, developed through the Policy Committee, and adopted by the Steering Committee,

CABC will always support the leadership of people who directly experience systemic economic oppression (like poverty and racism) to shape our policy advocacy and social narrative strategies to produce the following anti-racist and multigenerational impacts:

  • All families and communities in California have self-determination and dignity. Everyone in California who needs them can access publicly funded income support and social service programs including guaranteed income, tax credits, cash assistance, health care and insurance, paid sick and family care leave, student financial aid, and retirement, all without sacrificing their dignity and freedom.
  • Everyone in California can have a safe and secure home. State policy protects renters from unfair eviction, homeowners from unfair foreclosure, and provides both the right to counsel to enforce those protections.  Economic policy supports multiple paths to secure housing, including rent, single-family ownership, and various forms of communal ownership. Rents, purchase prices, and related housing costs are affordable and equitable.
  • Everyone has public sponsored tools to meet their money management and financial planning needs. Affordable and comprehensive state and local savings, retirement, and insurance programs abound, especially in environmentally vulnerable communities.  Everyone has access to safe and affordable banking, financial planning, and financing services, including young people.
  • BIPOC, immigrant, and similarly targeted communities are free from predatory policing and enforcement practices. Incarceration and detention are abolished in California as are related punitive and administrative fines and fees, cash bail, the criminalization of houselessness, state seizure of child support, and exclusion of previously incarcerated people from housing, employment, and public programs and services. 
  • Everyone who works is compensated well enough to prosper.  Employers, including micro- and small business owners, provide equitable compensation, support for collective bargaining, and benefits like health care, sick and family care leave, vacation, and retirement programs, so that all workers- wage-, gig-, and contract-workers, and the  self-employed, can enjoy economic security and wellbeing.