Valuing Who We Are at Work


CABC Racial Economic Justice Fellow, Melody Ng, is leading our research about how our personal experiences help economic justice and asset building advocates and service providers develop valuable professional skills and strengths that we bring to our work. We aim to make these skills and strengths visible and valuable to all of us, including decision makers and funders that hire staff, design grants, and set policy priorities.

Do you work to help low-income people earn more money, save money, afford housing, start a business, or otherwise fight to make California just and equitable for communities that have been historically excluded from economic security? 

Everyone has lived experience that matters, because each of us is a complex individual that brings more than just technical expertise to the communities we work with. We want to reach everyone who works at an asset building or economic justice organization serving California’s communities.

Please complete the California Asset Building Coalition Community Census and share it with other asset builders in your professional network.

Participate in the CABC Community Census Survey Today!

With the information you provide in the CABC Community Census, we can better understand the needs of the individuals and organizations who work in California’s asset building community.

We’ll also be interviewing some of you for this project and developing some of these interviews into profiles of you, for you, and, with your permission, sharing them through our “Inside Look: Meet Our Members” Series to be featured in CABC newsletters, and amplified through our social media.

We aim to use the information from this project to help funders and decision makers understand how our experiences impact the way we work and the collective needs and challenges of the individuals and organizations in California’s asset building community. We also intend for this research to help us more effectively tell the story of who we are to the world, the kind of world we’re building together for our communities, and create actionable plans to make it happen.

Please join us in co-creating this much needed research.